Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip 2013
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IKG is an educational organization devoted to the re-discovery and application of ancient African history, culture and wisdom. It was founded in 1981 by "Cultural Memory Specialist" Anthony Browder who sought to challenge distorted perceptions of Africa perpetuated in media and classrooms.   Read more

Tony Browder Lecture

Tony Browder September Lecture

Asa Project & New Discoveries

Anthony Browder on his new discoveries in Egypt, recent meeting with the Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi, the state of post-revolution Egypt, & more.

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Egypt on the Potomac

Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

We show you where ancient African culture and influence is found in and around DC. We decode "secrets hidden in plain site," through a study of Masonic, Egyptian, American, and DC history.

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Cultural Circles

Building to "Know Thyself"

The Ivan Van Sertima Cultural Circles are designed to help Africans study traditional African history, culture & wisdom, and apply it to their everyday lives.

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Egyptian Excavation

Tony Browder

Digging Up Ancient History

IKG seeks to illuminate the true African nature of ancient Egypt by excavating 25th Dynasty Egyptian tombs, as well as teaching the community about this period of world history.

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Study Tour in Egypt

See the Land of Your Ancestors

As you travel with us down the Nile you will see incredible sites and your life will be transformed as you participate in many of the life altering cultural experiences we have planned.

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Wisdom Wednesdays

Lectures & Presentations

Wisdom Wesnesday lectures draw on the deep well of African history, culture & wisdom in order to engage in Sankofa for  the benefit of current and future generations.

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